Brighton College有史以来最高的成绩

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《Parent Power:》的编辑在他们的年度报告中表示,“布莱顿学院(Brighton College)正在突破有关單男性教育的规则”。他补充说:“布莱顿学院为男女同校教育的好处提供了充分的证据”。

校长理查德·凯恩斯(Richard Cairns)评论说:“我真的为整个社区感到高兴,特别是为使这一目标成为可能的非凡的才华和专注的教学机构,以及成百上千名积极投入的学生实现了自己的个人抱负。”

2019年,我们被《星期日泰晤士报》评选为英国年度独立学校,这是英国中等教育中最具声望的奖项。这所公学因其善良的文化而受到最广泛的赞扬,这使得学校在学术上取得了显著的成功。《星期日泰晤士报》(Sunday Times)对这位校长表示赞赏,他写道:“Cairns在私立学校圈子里离传奇不远了!”

在英国,Parent Power是衡量学校学术水平的基准。它同时考虑了A级和GSCE成绩来制作自己的排行榜。今年两组考试我们都取得了破纪录的成绩:在A-level考试中,A*-B成绩达到97.2%,GCSE考试中,94.5%的成绩是9/8/7。


Parent Power: highest results ever

We’re thrilled that the Sunday Times have listed us as third in the UK for our academic results, our best position to date on their Parent Power League Table. This is a truly exciting achievement, as it is the highest result ever for any co-educational school.

In their annual write-up, the Editor of Parent Power expressed that “Brighton College is tearing up the rulebook" when it comes to single-sex education. He added that: "Brighton College provides ample evidence" of the benefits of co-educational education.

Head Master Richard Cairns commented “I really am delighted for the whole community and, in particular, for the wonderfully talented and focused teaching body which has made this possible – and the hundreds of engaged and positive pupils who have fulfilled their own individual ambitions.”

In 2019 we were selected by The Sunday Times as England’s Independent School of the Year, the most prestigious award in UK secondary education. The College was praised above all else for its culture of kindness, which has made possible the remarkable academic success of the school. And in a nice nod of appreciation for the Head Master, The Sunday Times writes: “The Cairns touch is not far off legendary in independent school circles!”

Parent Power is the benchmark for academic excellence at schools in the UK. It takes into consideration both A-level and GSCE results to produce its League Tables. We had record-breaking results for both sets of exams this year: at A-level we achieved 97.2% A*-B, and at GCSE 94.5% of grades were 9/8/7.

Well done to everyone – this truly is a whole-school success.